Denchi Group has its roots in a number of industrial organisations including the Atomic Energy Authority, Duracell Inc. and Oldham & Son Ltd. and has a rich heritage in innovation, engineering and manufacturing.

Our vision is to build on this heritage to create a dynamic 21st century organisation with a long-term perspective, a UK Mittelstand.



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  • 1954

    Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) formed to manage the UK’s nuclear activities
  • 1979

    AEA sponsored research at Oxford University leads to the demonstration, by Professor Goodenough, of lithium cobalt oxide as a high energy density cathode
  • 1980

    AEA licenses lithium cobalt
    oxide IP to Sony
  • 1991

    Sony commercialises lithium-ion cells
  • 1996

    AEA’s commercial activities packaged into AEA Technology and privatised
  • 1998

    AEA Technology plc acquires UK battery pack manufacturer DSB Special Batteries Ltd and changes DSB’s name to AEA Technology Battery Systems Ltd
  • 2004

    AEA Technology Battery Systems awarded £47m Bowman contract to supply lithium-ion battery packs and chargers to UK armed forces
  • 2005

    AEA (A) Technology Battery (B) Systems (S) Ltd (L) name changed to ABSL Power Solutions Ltd
  • 2005

    ABSL Power Solutions acquired by secondary private equity group Nova Capital Management
  • 2014

    ABSL Power Solutions’ defence business sold to private investors and rebranded Denchi Power

  • 1920s

    Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory start a collaboration that ultimately leads to the creation of Duracell Inc.
  • 1989

    Duracell Special Battery Division (DSB) established in the UK
  • 1993

    Management buyout of DSB
  • 1998

    DSB acquired by
    AEA Technology plc.

  • 1865

    Oldham & Son founded
  • 1911

    Oldham & Son produces its first battery powered mining lamp
  • 1926

    Oldham & Son starts producing automotive batteries
  • 1971

    Carlton Industries acquires
    Oldham & Son
  • 1981

    Hawker Siddeley takes
    control of Carlton Industries
  • 1992

    BTR acquires Hawker Siddeley Group
  • 1999

    BTR merges with Siebe
    to form Invensys
  • 2002

    Invensys sells Hawker Battery Group (including Oldham) to EnerSys
  • 2016

    EnerSys sells Oldham Mining Lamp business to Denchi Power

Vision and Mission

Our Mission is to supply our customers with high reliability products and services within the fields of batteries, energy storage and power management.

Our Vision is to create a world class organisation aligned with the characteristics of a Mittelstand business: long-term focus, investment in the workforce, flexibility, nimbleness, continuous improvement, lean hierarchies, collaboration, innovation, customer focus, social responsibility and strong geographic ties.

If you’d like to know more or discuss business opportunities, please get in touch.

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