Denchi Group to Expand its Engineering Capability with Additional Design Team in Heart of Cambridge Technology Cluster

25th November 2019 – Acknowledged specialist in high reliability energy storage solutions, Denchi Group has announced a significant expansion of its operations. As part of the company’s roadmap to proliferate into new markets and strengthen its core technical capabilities, it is opening a product development hub in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. This will complement Denchi’s longstanding engineering resources in Thurso (Scotland).   

At the new Cambridgeshire site, focus will be placed on making major advances in battery and charger design. It will leverage the expertise that the company has built up in mission-critical defence and aerospace applications, and bring this to a wider range of prospective usage models where high levels of reliability, safety and functional longevity are increasingly being mandated. Product areas that newly-recruited staff will be working include renewal energy generation/grid balancing, compact and lightweight high-density batteries for use in portable industrial equipment, plus ultra-reliable lighting and power systems for the mining industry.   

“Denchi, as a company, has witnessed a great deal of growth and diversification over the course of the last few years, states Nick Russel, Chairman of Denchi. “The pace at which the energy storage sector is evolving means that ingenious new approaches to battery electronics, software and mechanical design are going to be required, especially in the high reliability markets we serve. The fact that Denchi’s battery and charging systems are 100% designed and manufactured here in the UK, means we are able to provide our customers with highly-optimised turnkey power solutions that exactly match their application demands.”

“Placing this centre in Cambridgeshire gives us direct access to the wealth of world-class engineering talent that is present there. It also allows us to highlight the great opportunities that also exist at our existing facility in Thurso, Scotland. So, if you are looking for a new challenge, we recommend contacting us to find out about the exciting future career possibilities we are able to offer,” he concludes.To learn more about current job opportunities at Denchi go to: