SPC (Soldier Portable Charger)



The Denchi Soldier Portable Charger (SPC) is a world beating DC single-channel charger, designed for the most rugged military environment.




Being a Level 3 Smart Charger (2-way communication), with high powered electronics. The wide voltage range of the SPC (i.e.10.5 – 40V) enables it to scavenge for power from any available source on the battlefield including, other batteries, vehicles, solar fuel cells, etc. NSN 6130-99-269-2863. The SPC is a ‘Power Scavenger’, that can take power from a broad range of AC or DC power sources on the battlefield. This functionality provides an unparalleled and dependable power extraction capability which can serve soldiers at times when they need it the most. The SPC is a true ‘plug-and-play’ product needing no tuning nor adjusting. It is delivered with a comprehensive set of output cable options which will allow it to re-charge any battery. It is truly a universal charger and the last small charger any force will need to procure. This charger is one of the latest in a long line of successful Denchi products that have delivered powerful energy solutions to soldiers operating in active theatres. Denchi continues to develop the latest battery and charger technologies, to meet the evolving needs of military forces.


Part number: 231017
NSN: 6130-99-269-2863
Voltage Range: 10.5-40V DC, 100-240V AC
Capacity: 9.3Ah (28.8V Nominal) 18.6Ah (14.4V Nominal)





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