Temporary Voluntary Certificate Suspension

Update 24th May 2024

The review of a candidate repair process has highlighted an unrelated error in the 2007 compliance report that supported the original product Certificate of Conformity (ANZEx 07.4049X). Consequently, the ability to ‘repair to compliance’ or to ‘repair to standard’ have both been removed and in NSW the regulator has issued a notice for sites to return to compliance by 25th October 2024.

In accordance with local regulations, please continue to conduct appropriate risk assessments and contact your Oldham Caplamp distributor for guidance on replacement options.

Update 26th March 2024

In addition to information previously shared we can advise that in an isolated incident, one caplamp battery experienced a thermal event whilst on charge above ground. Our investigations remain ongoing.

Update 19th March 2024

As our investigation continues, there is no evidence to suggest that batteries manufactured prior to Denchi acquiring the Oldham Caplamp brand are unaffected.

These batteries may have been placed on the market using a numbering scheme different to that used by Denchi.

Additional Part Numbers to be considered: M456623, M456323, M456723, M456823, M456523

Initial Bulletin 12th March 2024

In accordance with IECEx OD 209 Ed 1.1 Clause 4.2.1, a request has been made to initiate voluntary suspension of Certificate of Conformity ANZEx 07.4049X [Lithium-ion L16 battery], effective from 8th March 2024. Manufacturing of the L16 battery has been voluntarily suspended from 1st March 2024, which preceded suspension of the Certificate of Conformity.

The affected product is: L16 Lithium-ion Caplamp Battery
Part numbers: 203000, 203002, 203012

A potential manufacturing defect has been identified which may cause inadvertent internal short circuit and may result in unacceptable heating of the PCB. The defect introduces a possible ignition source although likelihood and frequency of occurrence remain unclear at this time.

An abundance of caution is being exercised in suspending this Certificate of Conformity pending investigation.

Collaboration with the regulator and certifying body is ongoing to assist investigations and obtain timely conclusions.

Regular updates will be posted on this page and accessible via the following link.

For clarification or further questions please emailL16battery@denchigroup.com




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